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Instagram Marketplace


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Thinking of purchasing an Instagram account?

Did you know there is an industry based on growing and selling Instagram accounts that appear to be legitimate but are far from it. When you scratch beneath the surface of the account you have just paid for, hidden parts of the account become visible such as fake followers and fake engagement (Likes and Comments).

The main indicators that allow you to quickly identify a fake Instagram account such as follower count, engagement rate, post quantity and quality and even the price of the account can be manipulated to show a bargain but in reality this is far from it.

We decided to put this service together after being burnt many times despite the accounts checking all the right boxes. If you’re looking to purchase an account please get in touch as we can either handle the whole process for you which includes finding and validating the authenticity of the account or we can validate the authenticity of  the account(s) you’re considering to purchase.


Benefits of buying established Instagram accounts

√ Established accounts come loaded with lots of activity

√ Faster growth and conversions

√ Increased brand exposure on the search page

√ Becoming an influencer and monetise for an immediate ROI

√ Account has authority within the industry


What’s the risk of purchasing accounts without a background check?

  • Scammed for an account worth basically nothing
  • Damage to your brand
  • Your time wasted trying to grow an account that will never grow properly

Our one off charge is based on the amount of followers the Instagram account currently has and you will receive a full background check on the Instagram account which will give you the confidence to buy or avoid a potential disaster.

If you’re looking to verify the authenticity large Instagram accounts or multiple, please get in touch here as we can offer you a reduced rate.

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